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What can parents do about school and cyber bullying?

It is important for parents to be in contact with teachers and school personnel in general and more particularly when there is evidence of bullying. Try not to avoid these situations, even though they may involve shame for one's child. Communication with teachers is essential as as collaborating upon a plan to address the issue, and this should involve collaboration by the family of the child engaging in alleged bullying. It is essential to have some level of monitoring over social media for children and this is something that can be negotiated depending upon a child's maturity level and age. However, cyber bullying is becoming pervasive - it is relatively easy to engage in and there can be more distance and anonymity involved.

Having good communication in place is a positive preventive measure and active responding is crucial, as children who are bullied are at greater risk for psychological issues, while children who bully are at greater risk for delinquency.