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Developmental and Learning Disabilities

What is a learning disability?
A problem including autism or intellectual disability.

What are the possible causes of a person's learning disabilities?
Autism, LD, or brain injury or trauma.

If I do have a learning disability, what happens next?
A child with ADHD could have learning problems but this could be helped with a stimulant like Adderall or Concerta. A child with a 60 IQ however, does not have the resources or capacity to pass regular level classes. Early detected disabilities show much more promise for improving when compared to those with no access to competent treatment. This means that people in low density areas of our state are much less likely to have access to competent treatment resources than those living in more densely populated areas.

What is a developmental disability?
The term developmental disability encompasses a number of conditions and disorders that occur during the course of development. Typically, these disorders emerge early in life (during infancy, toddler hood, or the preschool years), although the symptoms may not become severe enough to cause problems until somewhat later. Many of these conditions and disorders are thought to be related to biological or neurological differences in the way the brain takes in, processes, or uses information.

Developmental disabilities may include developmental delays, including delays in speaking, fine motor skills (using one's hands), gross motor skills (using one's body), cognitive development, social development, and emotional or behavioral development. Developmental disabilities may also include disorders, such as autism spectrum and other social communication disorders, speech and language disorders, and intellectual disabilities. Additionally, some physical and genetic disorders, such as Down Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, or cerebral palsy, can also result in developmental delays and disabilities.

What are the challenges facing families of someone with a developmental disability?
Families with demanding children need patience, to become more informed over time on the subject, and to learn from those who treat the disorder for a living, tactics they employ that they can use when the helper is not there.