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Where do we find victims of human trafficking?

• Migrant or transitional neighborhoods
• Farming or agricultural communities
• Domestic in-home workers
• Service Industry (e.g., restaurants, hotels, nail salons)
• Manufacturing or construction sites
• Massage parlors
• Strip clubs
• Schools
• Domestic violence cases
• Day laborers
• A home in your community

An unexpected case of human trafficking:
Kim Meston was a 16-year-old girl brought to the United States by a Christian minister from a Tibetan Camp in southern India. For five years, she worked as a domestic servant and sex slave in the minister’s home, all the while going to school, running track, and attending Sunday church services. The minister threatened to have her family back home thrown in jail if she told anyone about her current conditions. Eventually, Kim learned that two of her cousins had also been trafficked to the United States, and she developed the courage to go to the police. Today, she owns a retail store in Boston, MA and volunteers her time to prevent other vulnerable women from falling into sexual exploitation and enslavement.