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Do we have laws in PA to protect victims of human trafficking?

Pennsylvania passed Act 105 in 2014, which is the state’s first truly comprehensive piece of human trafficking legislation. The act includes measures to prosecute human traffickers, prevent the act from happening, and protect its victims and survivors.

Act 105 Prosecutes Human Traffickers
Sex and labor trafficking are crimes. Act 105 expanded PA law by defining human trafficking and giving law enforcement the tools needed to go after traffickers—through codification of the specific acts traffickers commit and means traffickers use.

Act 105 Prevents Human Trafficking
Act 105 calls for the prevention of human trafficking by working to develop, expand or strengthen programs for victims of human trafficking including:

● Health services, including mental health services,
● Temporary and permanent house placement,
● Legal and immigration services,
● Employment placement, education, and training,
● Increasing public awareness, and
● Training of first responders

Act 105 Protects Survivors
If you are a survivor of human trafficking, you may be eligible for the following protections:
● Vacating prior convictions,
● Diversionary programs,
● Confidential case management, and/or
● Civil legal remedies

There are many other pieces of human trafficking legislation pending in Congress, to include PA House Bill 262 (designed to protect those working in adult-oriented establishments), PA Senate Bill 581 (“Safe Harbor Bill”; would provide “safe harbor” for sexually exploited youth), and several others.