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Neuropsychological Testing

What is a neuropsychologist?
Neuropsychology is a rapidly growing field of psychology, of which the public is becoming increasingly aware. However, many do not understand what a neuropsychologist is, when they might need one, and how to identify a properly trained neuropsychologist. Simply put, neuropsychology is a specialty branch of psychology that studies the relationship of brain functioning and behavior. Just as other specialty branches of psychology (such as family psychology or forensic psychology, for example) requires specific training, so does neuropsychology. Neuropsychologists are especially helpful in evaluating neurological conditions that result in cognitive difficulties. Read More on What is a Neuropsychologist

What skills and abilities will neuropsychological tests measure?
A neuropsychological evaluation is a comprehensive evaluation of brain-behavior relationships. The specific components of a neuropsychological evaluation may vary depending on a number of factors, such as the age of the person being tested, the neurological condition or complaint, the level of endurance or fatigue of the person being tested, and the purpose and goal of the evaluation. Common areas assessed in neuropsychological evaluations include intellectual functioning, language processing and verbal reasoning, visual-spatial functioning, attention and executive functioning, memory and learning, academic achievement, fine motor and visual-motor integration skills, sensory-motor functioning, social-emotional functioning, and behavioral functioning.