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What can I do to protect myself?

The following recommendations are offered for female students, these same recommendations are valid for male students who are on dates:


1) Incoming freshmen and transfer students should inquire from the college counseling services or orientation services at the institution they will be attending about the kind of training available to prevent sexual assault and resources available to turn to in the event of an assault on campus.

2) Students and their parents can ask the university about the process of reporting an assault. Access the campus police phone number and program it into your cell phone. Make use of the campus security escort service any time after dark.

3) Be prepared to clarify any misunderstandings that some men may infer from your dress or behavior.

4) When on dates:

     a) Let a date know from the start that you can handle yourself and share the decisions about where you are going and what you will be doing.

     b) Arrange a double date with a couple you know well if you are seeing the guy/girl for the first time.

     c)  Always let someone know where you are going, when you expect to return and who you are with. Let your date know that someone else knows you are with him/her.

     d) If you begin to feel uncomfortable, pay attention to your intuition and begin to plan a way to leave.

     e) If you walk into a party where there are no other females, leave immediately. It could be a set up for a gang rape.

     f) Always carry money with you. If a situation gets risky, call a friend or family member or take a taxi home. In a dangerous situation don’t hesitate to call the police.

    g) When going on a blind date, always go to a public place like a movie or coffee shop.

    h) Never leave your drink unattended or accept an already opened drink


You can also protect yourself by:

1) Being aware of your surroundings
2) Parking in a well-lit area or under a street lamp in the parking lot when going to the store. Walk only in well-lit areas as well.
3) If you are walking/traveling alone at night make sure someone knows where you are and where you are going to be or talk to someone on the phone while you are walking alone.