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Testing and Evaluation

What is psychological testing?

Psychological testing has a wide range of purposes and classifications that differ as to what and why it is given.

Testing is a process of selecting an appropriate valid and reliable document that was developed to will answer a question about the taker of that test. A test has right or wrong answers and will render a score that can be compared with a normal group that will classify the test taker. The purpose of the test results is to aid the mental health professional, who interprets the test, in such a way to support, heal, and guide the test take in a beneficial way.

The question (interpretation) and purpose for the test greatly changes if the psychological test is taken by a criminal, or severely mentally disturbed person or a person with learning disabilities.

How can I do my best during testing?

When taking a test the person taking the test should focus on what is to be accomplished. The test taker should reflect on giving truthful answers that will benefit him/her. There are strategies in taking tests but for a psychological test the taker should try and relax and realize the results of the test are generated to show, demonstrate or classify the taker based on results.