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How can workplace violence hazards be reduced?

There are several things that an employers and employees can do to reduce the hazard of workplace violence:

1. Provide an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) or referral program for early intervention of stress and distress for workers.

2. Develop and implement a workplace violence prevention and response policy and program, and periodic reviews of the effectiveness of the program.

3. All employees should receive training on workplace violence awareness and prevention on an annual basis, in addition to being provided a copy of the policy on workplace violence prevention.

4. Immediate action must be taken in the event of workplace violence.

5. Works should read and be familiar with workplace violence prevention policies and procedures, and be proactive in the prevention of workplace violence procedures.

6. Employees should immediately report all incidents of workplace violence to their supervisor.

7. Consider notifying a supervisor or human resources of a PFA (Protection From Abuse) against another individual to ensure that appropriate safety precautions are implemented, and work with the manager/supervisor to make appropriate job-related adjustments.

8. Be proactive in supervisory responsibilities to minimize risk of workplace violence consistent with operational considerations.

9. Consult with the human resources office when employees show signs of inappropriate workplace behavior, show warning signs of potential workplace violence, or demonstrate behavior that may be workplace violence.